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9e colloque international sur
Les langues et la linguistique austronésiennes et papoues (APLL9)
21-23 juin 2017



Titre de communication

Antoinette Schapper [keynote]

Merging meanings in Melanesia: Lexico-semantics of the New Guinea Area

Alexander Elias

Subgrouping the Flores-Lembata languages using Historical Glottometry

Alexandre Francois

The economy of word classes in Hiw, Vanuatu: Grammatically flexible, lexically rigid

Åshild Næss

Standing up to the canoe: figure vs ground in descriptions of vertical spatial relations in Äiwoo

Beverley Erasmus

Demonstratives in Masikoro Malagasy

Bill Palmer

Pronouns and the DP in Oceanic

Bill Palmer and Sabrina Meier

Pluractionality in Mono-Alu

Carlo Dalle Ceste

The rediscovered pronoun: reflexes of Proto Oceanic *(k)ira in the Sinagoro-Keapara network

Caroline Crouch and Kevin Schäfer

Preliminary overview of the Ninde language

Claire Saillard

The semantics of the syntactic position of adjectives in Truku Seediq

Colleen O'Brien and Yuko Otsuka

The Mysterious Case of em: Grammaticalization of a SVC in Fataluku

Eleanor Ridge

Negation in Southeast Ambrym, Vanuatu

Eline Visser

Intonation in Kalamang, a Papuan language of West Bomberai

Fanny Cottet

Vowel reduction in Mbahám

Francesca Romana Moro

The plural word hire in Alorese (Austronesian): grammatical borrowing from neighboring Papuan languages

Gary Holton

A comparative view of spatial orientation in Halmahera, Indonesia

George Saad and Hanna Fricke

If it exists in one language, why not use it in another? The insertion of kalau ‘if’ in Abui and Central Lembata, two languages of Eastern Indonesia

Hanna Fricke

The rise of clause-final negation in Flores-Lembata languages

Isabelle Bril

Information structure in Northern Amis: the pragmatics and syntax of clefts and evidential foci

Jiang Wu

Plural Words in Austronesian Languages: Typology and History

Jonathan Schlossberg

Local nouns and directionals in Marshallese: a diachronic perspective

Juliette Huber

Blurring the boundaries: Identifying foreign etyma in the Papuan and Austronesian languages of eastern Timor

Kate L. Lindsey

A first look at the Pahoturi River family

Kevin Schäfer

Subordination in Ninde avoidance registers

Kilu von Prince

Expressing possibility in Saliba and Daakaka

Laura McPherson and Emily Grabowski

Automated tone level annotation in the documentation of New Caledonian tone

Marian Klamer and Gereon Kaiping

Lexirumah: A lexical database for languages of the Lesser Sunda Islands

Matthew Carroll

Distributed Exponence of Tense, Aspect and Mood in Ngkolmpu

Michael Ewing

An emerging repertoire of person reference within an Indonesian-language online community

Paul Kroeger

What frustrative sentences mean in Kimaragang Dusun

Sebastian Fedden

Grammaticalization in Mountain Ok

Siva Kalyan
& Mark Donohue

A “pseudo-geographic” approach to reconstructing the histories of words: Application to Austronesian and peri-Austronesian languages

Stacy F. Teng and Elizabeth Zeitoun

Allomorphy and homophony in Formosan languages: A study of Ca-reduplication (and its variants) and implication for reconstruction

Tyler Heston

When is a diphthong not a diphthong? Complex nuclei in Fataluku

Valentina Alfarano

/lë/ in Nalögo: synchronic functions and possible diachronic origins

Wei-Wei Lee

The spatial conceptualization of lexical temporal expressions in Kavalan




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