Langues et civilisations
à tradition orale

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The LACITO in a nutshell


logo« Langues et civilisations à tradition orale »
UMR 7107 of the CNRS

The Lacito is an interdisciplinary research unit whose members carry out fieldwork-based research in societies whose traditions are primarily oral.
logo-eflThe Lacito is one of the partners of the labex Empirical Foundations of Linguistics (EFL).
     and of the Fédération de Recherche Typologie et Universaux Linguistiques (TUL FR 2559)

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Diversité des langues et changement historique [Language diversity and historical change] - Langues océaniennes [Oceanic languages] - Langues tibéto-birmanes [Tibeto-Burman languages] - Linguistique historique et comparatisme austronésien [Historical linguistics and Oceanic comparative studies] - Typologie et dialogue : la structuration informationnelle des questions et des réponses - Typologie et diversité des langues [Typology and language diversity] aa See more


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A Corpus-Driven Approach to Language Contact - nouveau
Endangered Languages in a Comparative Perspective

by Evangelia Adamou

This book proposes a corpus-driven approach to language contact based on the study of endangered languages. Drawing on variationist and language contact frameworks, it presents an analysis of spoken corpora from Europe and Mexico using a combination of criteria. The aim […]etcSee more


"Paroles d'Afrique", n°4 de la revue CARGO nouveau
coordonated by J. Derive (Univ. of Chambery) and C. Leguy

La connaissance des mécanismes qui régissent les pratiques langagières est une condition essentielle pour une meilleure compréhension des enjeux culturels, mais aussi politiques et économiques, des situations contemporaines. L'utilisation de nouveaux médias permet des développements […]etcSee more in French


Information Structuring of Spoken Language from a Cross-linguistic Perspective nouveau
M.M.Jocelyne Fernandez-Vest & Robert D. Van Valin, Jr. (eds)

Information structure and the organization of oral texts have been rarely studied crosslinguistically. This book contains studies of the grammatical organization of information in languages from different areas (e.g. Amazonian, Finno-Ugric, South-Asian) from a variety of theoretical angles. It will be […]etcSee more


Detachments for Cohesion – Toward an Information Grammar of Oral Languages
by M.M.Jocelyne Fernandez-Vest

This monograph is intended as a reference book on Detachment Constructions (DECs) in the Information Structuring of oral and spoken languages. Focusing on DECs in a textual perspective, the book is an innovative contribution to the knowledge of oral and spoken languages, some of them […]etcSee more in French


An Introduction to Sherdukpen language
by François Jacquesson

Sherdukpen (or Shertukpen) is a 'small language' spoken by c. 4000 speakers in the lower Eastern Himalayas (Arunachal Pradesh, India), close to Bhutan and Tibet. The Sherdukpen people live in Rupa, Shergaon, Jigaon and about ten small villages at an altitude between 1500 and 2000 m. They have. […]etcSee more


The languages of Vanuatu: Unity and diversity
(eds) Alexandre François, Sébastien Lacrampe, Michael Franjieh, Stefan Schnell

With an estimated 138 different indigenous languages, Vanuatu is the country with the highest linguistic density in the world. While they all belong to the Oceanic family, these languages have evolved in three millennia, from what was once a unified dialect network, to the mosaic Iof different languages that […]etcSee more


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jmctDu terrain au cognitif – Linguistique, ethnolinguistique, ethnosciences –
À Jacqueline M.C. Thomas
[From fieldwork to cognition – Linguistics, ethnolinguistics, ethnosciences –
For Jacqueline M.C. Thomas
(editors) E. Motte-Florac & G. Guarisma

French presentation translated into English:
[Jacqueline M.C. Thomas, ethnolinguist and founder of the LACITO, has untiringly worked to establish the importance of not separating a language from the community speaking it. "Linguistic studies are meaningless unless they are based on very sound knowledge of the culture in which the languages are spoken". She further insists that "to study a society means to perfectly master the language(s) it speaks".
Based on examples garnered from across the globe, this Festschrift testifies to the multiplicity of ways in which the complexities of language and discourse can be broached […] ]
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Sad new!

Maurice Coyaud, chercheur dans notre laboratoire depuis des décennies, est décédé lundi 28 décembre 2015, à l'âge de 81 ans.
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hypothesesLes carnets du Lacitohypotheses

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photo PANGLOSS - The Oral Archives

North Vanuatu texts, see here

A noterLatest news

brevesSeminar "Typologie de l'indéfini"

Tuesday 16 February 2016 (14.30),
talk of Marijana Petrović
on «L'indéfini' en BCMS (bosniaque - croate - monténégrin - serbe)»
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brevesAs part of our meeting «Fieldwork»

Miriam Ortiz (PhD Student at P4)
will talk on: "Le mazahua, langue otopame du Mexique"
on Monday 22 February 2016, 14.30-16.00

expositions10 exhibits recommended by the Lacito which retrace...
...30 years of fieldwork devoted to the study of languages and the peoples who speak them. aa See more

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