Langues et civilisations
à tradition orale

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The LACITO in a nutshell


logo« Langues et civilisations à tradition orale »
UMR 7107 of the CNRS

The Lacito is an interdisciplinary research unit whose members carry out fieldwork-based research in societies whose traditions are primarily oral.
logo-eflThe Lacito is one of the partners of the labex Empirical Foundations of Linguistics (EFL).

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Diversité des langues et changement historique [Language diversity and historical change] - Langues océaniennes [Oceanic languages] - Langues tibéto-birmanes [Tibeto-Burman languages] - Linguistique historique et comparatisme austronésien [Historical linguistics and Oceanic comparative studies] - Typologie et dialogue : la structuration informationnelle des questions et des réponses - Typologie et diversité des langues [Typology and language diversity] aa See more


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Linguistic Atlas of French Polynesianouveau
Jean-Michel Charpentier(†) & Alexandre François

The vast territory of French Polynesia is home to seven distinct languages – Tahitian ,Austral, Ra'ivavae, Rapa, Mangarevan, Pa'umotu, and Marquesan – which in turn show internal variation. The fruit of ten years of joint work by two linguists of French CNRS, Jean-Michel Charpentier and Alexandre François, the Linguistic Atlas of French Polynesia pays tribute to […]etcSee more


Encyclopédie des Pygmées Aka - Techniques, langage et société des chasseurs-cueilleurs
de la forêt centrafricaine (Sud-Centrafrique et Nord-Congo) - II-11 - Voyelles

J. M.C. Thomas, S. Bahuchet, A. Epelboin & S. Fürniss (eds)

This work contains the results of research on the Aka Pygmies and their natural and human environment since 1971, conducted by representatives of several disciplines […] etc See more


Compétence et performance. Perspectives interdisciplinaires sur une dichotomie classique
Sandra Bornand & Cécile Leguy (eds)

À la suite du débat qui opposa l'anthropo-linguiste Dell Hymes au linguiste Noam Chomsky au milieu des années 1960, la notion de performance a connu un important développement, d'abord dans le domaine de la littérature orale, puis dans celui de l'étude du rituel, […]etcSee more in French


Vocabulaire thématique de langue parlée français-tibétain
Eric Méla, Françoise Robin & Camille Simon (eds)

Le propos de ce Vocabulaire thématique est de fournir ce qui est «suffisant, connaissable et utile», selon les termes du lexicographe Kalonji, aux locuteurs des deux langues souhaitant échanger sur autant de sujets que possible, allant des relations internationales au bouddhisme tibétain, en passant par les parties du corps et les transports. […]etcSee more in French


STUF - Language Typologie and Universals 67(1)
"Berber in Typological Perspective"

Catherine Taine-Cheikh and Cécile Lux (eds)

If one excludes migratory phenomena of the 20th and 21st centuries, the Berber domain is exclusively African. It reaches from the far western Egypt to the Atlantic and from the Mediterranean to […]etcSee more


Le spontané. Chants caryâ et bâul
by Prittwindra Mukherjee

Prithwindra Mukherjee nous fait partager ici de magnifiques poèmes des Bâuls du Bengale et des mystiques bouddhistes de l'Inde du moyen-âge. […]
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jmctDu terrain au cognitif – Linguistique, ethnolinguistique, ethnosciences –
À Jacqueline M.C. Thomas
[From fieldwork to cognition – Linguistics, ethnolinguistics, ethnosciences –
For Jacqueline M.C. Thomas
(editors) E. Motte-Florac & G. Guarisma

French presentation translated into English:
[Jacqueline M.C. Thomas, ethnolinguist and founder of the LACITO, has untiringly worked to establish the importance of not separating a language from the community speaking it. "Linguistic studies are meaningless unless they are based on very sound knowledge of the culture in which the languages are spoken". She further insists that "to study a society means to perfectly master the language(s) it speaks".
Based on examples garnered from across the globe, this Festschrift testifies to the multiplicity of ways in which the complexities of language and discourse can be broached […] ]
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photo PANGLOSS - The Oral Archives

North Vanuatu texts, see here

A noterLatest news

brevesSeminar "Métaphore(s)"

On Tuesday 14 April 2015 (14.30),
talk of Cécile Leguy
on "Les proverbes sont-ils des métaphores ?"
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brevesJuly 2014 Lacito Summer School

Methods in linguistics: from empirical data to typological hypotheses

nouveaubreves See the video of the talks.

brevesPrix et distinctions


22 March 2014,
Alexandre François et Monika Stern's CD "Music of Vanuatu" receives a World music award from "Académie Charles Cros"
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breves A new movie on Canal U

Alexandre François, 1997, premier voyage au Vanuatu,
created by F. Guillemain, Multimedia Department, A.-G. Haudricourt Center,
online since 20/12/ 2013
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expositions10 exhibits recommended by the Lacito which retrace...
...30 years of fieldwork devoted to the study of languages and the peoples who speak them. aa See more

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