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jacquesson  François JACQUESSON :

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Curriculum Vitae – short version.


François Jacquesson,
born in 1955 in Reims (France),
is a senior researcher in linguistics (CNRS, Lacito).


After graduating in classics, and teaching, he studied with Hagège and wrote a PhD (1995) in Linguistic Typology, about languages where the sentence unit and the noun phrase are built in the same way. Elected in CNRS in 1997, he joined the Lacito – a research unit where languages are studied in their social and cultural setting, historical and geographical context. Linguistics in Lacito interacts with anthropology and, when possible, with numerous other disciplines.

‘Directeur de Recherche’ from 2008.

FJ was Director of Lacito from 2009 to 2013. He was also (Feb 2009-Apr 2010) in charge of the ‘Sciences du Language’ for the Institute of Human Sciences of CNRS.

Since 1995, FJ has been working (normally every winter season) in North East India. He has been studying Deori, Dimasa, Kokborok (those three belong to the Boro-Garo branch), Shertukpen and more recently Meyor and Miju – all Tibeto-Burman languages. He also devoted some time and several publications to linguistic comparison and to older North East India.

He has also published books and papers about problems of General linguistics : language change, pronouns, persons, articulating sentences in texts, language in narratives, oral and written spheres, images and colours, semiotics.

He was or is director of several national or international research projects, in linguistics, semiotics or North East India.

His publications are listed and sometimes described on the Lacito website, at:

He published 4 books as author, 1 book as co-author, 2 books as editor and co-author.

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