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Minh Châu NGUYÊN Doctorante à l'Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris III. Parcours : Phonétique contact
«Glottalisation, oppositions tonales et intonation : étude expérimentale du dialecte muong de Kim Thuong» (dir. Alexis Michaud)


Minh Châu NGUYÊN
(en vietnamien : 
Nguyễn T. Minh Châu)

Thèmes de recherche Résumé du projet de thèse (en anglais) :
My Ph. D. project builds on my M.A. (Nguyễn 2016), which was a study on the tone system of the Kim Thuong dialect of Muong (hereafter KTM). Muong is a language belonging to the Vietic branch of Austroasiatic. My Ph. D. project focuses on what is arguably the most striking feature of the KTM tone system: its glottalized tone (Tone 4). Interactions between this glottalized lexical tone and intonation will be studied through the experimental analysis of speech materials ranging from carefully controlled materials (such as words inside carrier sentences) to “spontaneous speech” (both monologues and dialogues). Experiments suggested by the analysis of production data will be verified through perception tests. Computer tools will be tailored to overcome difficulties in the quantitative study of glottalization as a component of lexical tone. The aim is to understand the full range of ways in which glottalization serves communicative functions in Muong. From the point of view of general phonological models, this study contributes to a better understanding (i) of tone systems in Vietic, a typologically unusual group in terms of tone, and (ii) of linguistic uses of the various avatars of glottalization.
Programmes de recherche / Opérations de recherche

Opérations de recherche au Lacito :
Langues de la zone tibéto-birmane

• Phonologie panchronique

Terrains, Analyses, et Comparaison des Langues

Programme du Labex Empirical Foundations of Linguistics :
• Evolutionary approaches to phonology: New goals and new methods (in diachrony and panchrony) (Axe 1, opération PPC-2)


description linguistique - linguistique de terrain - phonétique/phonologie expérimentale - langues vietiques - langue muong

Formation • 2014-2016 : Master en Linguistique. Université Nationale du Vietnam à Hanoï (VNU-USSH). Directeur: Alexis Michaud
• 2010-2014 -- Licence (B.A.) en Linguistique. Université Nationale du Vietnam à Hanoï (VNU-USSH).
Communications — Mai 2017. Minh-Châu NGUYỄN Allotonic variation of the glottalized tone of a Mường dialect, as compared with the two glottalized tones of Hanoi Vietnamese. Proceedings of SEALS XXVII (The 27th Meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society), Padang, Indonésie. 
—Août 2015. Alexis MICHAUD, Jacqueline VAISSIÈRE, et Minh-Châu NGUYỄN. Phonetic insights into a simple level-tone system: ‘careful’ vs. ‘impatient’ realizations of Naxi High, Mid and Low tones. Proceedings of ICPhS XVIII (18th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences), Glasgow.
Productions scientifiques

— 2016. Michaud, Alexis, Minh-Châu Nguyễn & Hiển Phạm. 2016. Z in company names: trendy clothing for a typical Vietnamese sound. Mon-Khmer Studies 45. 53–65.
— 2016. Mémoire de Master : The tone system of Kim Thượng Mường: an experimental
study of fundamental frequency, duration, and phonation types
. (Egalement disponible en version vietnamienne.)
— 2015. Michaud, Alexis, Michel Ferlus & Minh-Châu Nguyễn. 2015. Strata of standardization: the Phong Nha dialect of Vietnamese (Quảng Bình Province) in historical perspective. Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area 38(1). 124–162.

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