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Isabelle Bril éditeur

clauselinkingClause Linking and Clause Hierarchy Syntax and pragmatics

Ce volume (2010) est le résultat d'une opération de recherche "Typologie des relations et des marqueurs de dépendance entre propositions" menée au sein de la Fédération T.U.L (2005-2009)

This collective volume explores clause-linkage strategies in a cross-linguistic perspective with greater emphasis on subordination. Part I presents some theoretical reassessment of syntactic terminologies and distinctive criteria for subordination, as well as typological methods based on sets of variables and statistics allowing cross-linguistic comparability. Part II deals with strategies relating to clause-chaining, conjunctive conjugations, converbial constructions, masdars. Part III centers on the interaction between the syntax, pragmatics, and semantics of clause-linking and subordination, in relation to informational structure, to referential hierarchy, and correlative constructions. Part IV presents insights in the clause-linking and subordinating functions of some T.A.M. markers, verbal inflectional morphology and conjugation systems, which may also interact with informational hierarchy, via the backgrounding effects and lack of illocutionary force of some aspect and mood forms.
The volume is of particular interest to linguists and typologists working on clause-linkage systems and on the interface between syntax, pragmatics, and semantics.

     Ce volume collectif explore, dans une perspective typologique, les stratégies de dépendance entre propositions, en particulier les stratégies de subordination. La 1ère partie ré-examine divers points de terminologie et de théorie, propose des critères distinctifs de la subordination, ainsi que des méthodes statistiques fondées sur des ensembles de variables et permettant une meilleure typologie comparative. La 2ème partie explore diverses stratégies telles que les chaînes de propositions, les conjugaisons conjonctives, les constructions faisant usage de 'converbes', les 'masdars'. La 3ème partie analyse l'interaction entre syntaxe, pragmatique et sémantique dans les relations de subordination entre propositions, leurs liens avec la structure informationnelle, la hiérarchie référentielle, et les constructions corrélatives. La 4ème partie explore les fonctions subordonnantes de certains morphèmes de Temps-Aspect-Mode (incluant flexions verbales ou systèmes de conjugaison) ; dans certains cas, ces stratégies interagissent avec des phénomènes de hiérarchie informationnelle par le biais d'effets de mise en retrait (backgrounding) ou par l'absence de force assertive.
     Ce volume s'adresse aux linguistes et typologues intéressés par les systèmes de relations entre propositions, à l'interface entre syntaxe, pragmatique et sémantique.

  • Editor's introduction: The syntax and pragmatics of clause linkage and clause hierarchy: Some new perspectives by Isabelle Bril

Part I. Syntactic terminology and typological methods

  • Clause linkage and Nexus in Papuan languages by William Foley

  • Capturing particulars and universals in clause linkage: A multivariate analysis by Balthasar Bickel

Part II. Clause-chaining, converbs, masdars, absolutive constructions, etc.

  • Specialized converbs and adverbial subordination in Axaxdәrә Akhvakh by Denis Creissels

  • Finite and non-finite: Prosodic distinctions on Budugh verb stems by Gilles Authier

  • Converbs and adverbial clauses in Badaga, a South-Dravidian language by Christiane Pilot-Raichoor

  • Coordination, converbs and clause chaining in Coptic Egyptian typology and structural analysis by Chris H. Reintges

Part III. Subordination, informational hierarchy and referential hierarchy

  • Informational and referential hierarchy: Clause-linking strategies in Austronesian-Oceanic languages by Isabelle Bril

  • Comment clause: Crossing the boundaries between simple and complex sentences by Zygmunt Frajzyngier

  • Deixis, information structure and clause linkage in Yafi' Arabic (Yemen) by Martine Vanhove

  • The role of the Berber deictic and TAM markers in dependent clauses in Zenaga by Catherine Taine-Cheikh

  • Deixis and temporal subordinators in Pomak (Slavic, Greece) by Evangelia Adamou

Part IV. Informational hierarchy and TAM markers' functions in clause-linkage

  • Focus, mood and clause linkage in Umpithamu (Cape York Peninsula, Australia) by Jean-Christophe Verstraete

  • Clause chaining and conjugations in Wolof: A typology of parataxis and its semantics by Stéphane Robert

  • Pragmatic demotion and clause dependency: On two atypical subordinating strategies in Lo-Toga and Hiw (Torres, Vanuatu) by Alexandre François

  • Tense-mood concordance and clause chaining in Mankon (a Grassfields Bantu language) by Jacqueline Leroy

  • Clause dependency relations in East Greenlandic Inuit by Nicole Tersis

  • Coordination and subordination: Áma in Bulgarian dialectal Greek by Eleni Valma

Bril Isabelle (ed.), 2010, Clause Linking and Clause Hierarchy: Syntax and pragmatics, Amsterdam/ Philadelphia, Benjamins (Studies in Language Companion Series 121), VIII-632 p.

Paru fin novembre 2010

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