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M.M. Jocelyne Fernandez-Vest

Sami: An Introduction to the Language and Culture


SAMI. An Introduction to the Language and Culture is a book about a doubly original language : Finno-Ugric, and still orally transmitted in Europe. Beyond a short grammar, enriched by the first comprehensive Sami-English and English-Sami lexicon, this is a story of language emancipation. It tells how the emergent literature combines evil spirits inspired from the old shamanistic juoiggus with a new feminist vision. It shows how this arctic minority spread in four different states has succeeded, supported by the institutions of the European Union, to anchor its traditional oral language in a modern communication network and to regain, through reviving ancient personal and place-names, its ethnic identity.

The Samic languages. The Uralic family. 1. History of the Sami language. 2. Grammar: Nominals. The verb. Postpositions, prepositions, conjunctions. The sentence, discourse particles, questions and answers, sentence melody. Sami vocabulary. 3. Day to day conversation. 4. Sami culture: An artic identity. Climate and landscape. Toponymy : day-to-day mythology. Personal names : the symbol of first names. Ancestral economy. Family and social life. Culinary customs and specialities. Folklore, traditional songs, tales and legends. Literature : from oral to written form. The arts. Media, sport, some institutions, society and technical terms. The Sami in the Nordic and European Union (1-212).
Lexicon: 1. Sami-English. 2. English-Sami (213-324).
Gradation table. Selected bibliography.


Fernandez-Vest M.M. Jocelyne, 2012, Sami: An Introduction to the Language and Culture, Helsinki : Finn Lectura, 340 p., 26 ill. n.&bl.

Paru en mars 2012

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