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Léon Jacqueline & Loiseau Sylvain (éditeurs)

SQL24History of Quantitative Linguistics in France

This volume give a historical account of the field of quantitative linguistics in France. It focuses about developments initiated in France implying mathemat­ical methods or the usage and interpretation of quantitative data. It does not in­clude material about corpora compilation, computational implementation, or formal modelization.


Presentation of the contributions
The volume gathers contributions either by people that have been involved in the field of which they are giving an account, or by people specialized in the history of linguistics. In both cases, however, the same historical focus has been adopted by all contributors.

Some contributions are focussing on individuals (such as Thom, Benzécri, or Guiraud), while others are focusing on larger fields of research (chapters by Léon, Loiseau, Longré and Mellet).

The contributions have been organised in two parts. The first one focuses on vocabulary statistics. The second one gathers contributions presenting mathematical models.



  • Jacqueline Léon, Sylvain Loiseau, Introduction (1-8)

I. Vocabulary Statistics

  • Jacqueline Léon, The statistical studies of vocabulary in the 1950-60s in France.Theoretical and institutional issues (9-28)
  • Gabriel Bergounioux, How statistics entered linguistics: Pierre Guiraud at work. The scientific career of an outsider (29-42)
  • Danielle Candel, Pioneering statistical applications to the Trésor de la Langue Française dictionary in the 1960's and beyond (43-68)
  • Sylvain Loiseau, Lexicométrie: a linguistic school in France in the 1960s-1980s. History, theories and methods (69 -93)
  • Damon Mayaffre, Quantitative linguistics and political history (94-119)
  • Dominique Longree, Sylvie Mellet, The contribution of Latin to French-language quantitative linguistics: from lemmatisation to grammaticometry and textual topology (120-136)
  • Etienne Brunet, On very large corpora of French (137 -156)

II. Mathematical Models

  • Ronan Le Roux, Zipf-Mandelbrot's Law recoded with finite memory (157- 172)
  • Valérie Beaudouin, Statistical analysis of textual data: Benzécri and the French School of data analysis (173-193)
  • Jacqueline Léon, Sylvain Loiseau, Jean Petitot, Interview with Jean Petitot (194-220)
  • Sabine Ploux, Lexical semantics and topological models (221-232)


LÉON Jacqueline, LOISEAU Sylvain (eds), History of Quantitative Linguistics in France, Lüdenscheid : Ram Verlag (Studies in Quantitative Linguistics 24), 2016.

Paru le 4 janvier 2017.

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