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Marc-Antoine Mahieu & Nicole Tersis (eds)

Variations on Polysynthesis. The Eskaleut languages


mahieu-tersisThis work is comprised of a set of papers focussing on the extreme polysynthetic nature of the Eskaleut languages which are spoken over the vast area stretching from Far Eastern Siberia, on through the Aleutian Islands, Alaska, and Canada, as far as Greenland. The aim of the book is to situate the Eskaleut languages typologically in general linguistic terms, particularly with regard to polysynthesis. The degree of variation from more to less polysynthesis is evaluated within Eskaleut (Inuit-Yupik vs. Aleut), even in previously insufficiently explored domains such as pragmatics and use in context – including language contact and learning situations – and over typologically related language families such as Athabascan, Chukotko-Kamchatkan, Iroquoian, Uralic, and Wakashan.

Table of contents / Table des matières


Mahieu M.-A. & N. Tersis (eds.), Variations on Polysynthesis: The Eskaleut Languages, Amsterdam-Philadelphia, John Benjamins (Typological Studies in Languages 86), IX-312 p.

Paru en mai 2009

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