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Nicolas Tournadre, Lhakpa Norbu Sherpa, Gyurme Chodrak & Guillaume Oisel

Sherpa-English English-Sherpa Dictionary with Literary Tibetan and Nepali Equivalents . ཤར་བའི་གཏམ་སྙད་ཚིག་མཚོད་།


dicosherpaThe Sherpa-English and English-Sherpa Dictionary (SEESD) is the product of a very fruitful collaboration between two Sherpa scholars and two European linguists who are specialists in the Tibetic languages. The SEESD is the only Sherpa dictionary which provides both Tibetan and Nepali equivalents as well as the Tibetan etymology. Sherpa words are presented in a romanization system with a notation of tones.
The SEESD includes a brief description of the Sherpa-speaking area, dialectal variation, and the linguistic affiliation of the language.
It is the first publication to provide information about the phonological correspondences of Literary Tibetan in Sherpa. These correspondences, as well as the basic lexicon, clearly show that Sherpa is derived from Old Tibetan and is closely related to Classical Literary Tibetan. The specificities of Sherpa verb morphology are described in great detail in an appendix of this dictionary.


TOURNADRE Nicolas, L. N. Sherpa, G. Chodrak & Guillaume OISEL, 2009. Sherpa-English English-Sherpa Dictionary with Literary Tibetan and Nepali Equivalents, Kathmandu: Vajra Pub, 296 p.

Paru fin 2009

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