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Lacito Deputy Director contact
Associate professor at university Sorbonne nouvelle-Paris III
CV 2017/11/06

Research topics and themes

• Linguistic anthropology
• Minority languages and groups in Europe
• Language revitalisation
• Minority language standardisation standardisation (Scotland, Provence)
• Language and nationalism in Scotland
• Nature, culture, language

Research programmes

Language revitalization as community-building in the Occitania region: a project developed with Sara Brennan.
Nature, society, language: a research programme currently being elaborated with Noémie Marignier (Clesthia, U. Sorbonne Nouvelle).
• WG leader with Alfonso Del Percio (UCL, Londres), WG10 (Legitimisation and Power), COST Action IS1306 New Speakers in a Multilingual Europe.

Linguistic anthropology - sociolinguistics - revitalisation - standardisation - diversity - ontology - cosmopolitics - politics of language - Scots - Scotland - Provence

Occitan - Scot


Teaching in 2017-2018 at Sorbonne Nouvelle University
L1 - Sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology
L1 - Semiotics and semiotic anthropology
MA - Politics of language in the English-speaking world

Administrative duties Responsible for the first year of the linguistics degree at ILPGA
Referents coordinator for first year students at ILPGA
Member of the ILPGA board
Member of UFR LLD scientific board
Organisation of scientific events • June 2017: Paris-Chicago: A transatlantic conversation. A three-day seminar co-organised with co-organisé avec Cécile Canut (Cerlis, U. Paris Descartes), Isabelle Léglise (SeDyL, CNRS) et Michael Silverstein (University of Chicago)
• March 2016: Language and governmentality. A workshop co-organised with Alfonso Del Percio as part of COST Action New Speakers in a Multilingual Europe avec Alfonso Del Percio.
Awards Ton Vallen Award (2016, University of Tilburg, Netherlands) for the article "Can Schools Dispense with Standard Language? Some Unintended Consequences of Introducing Scots in a Scottish Primary School." Journal of Linguistic Anthropology 25 (1): 25–42.
Thesis prize (2011) : First prize, Association Franco-écossaise and Collège Catholique Ecossais.
Recent talks and presentations

Invited talks
— Costa, J. (2016). "Régimenter le langage en Ecosse: standard et non-standard". Séminaire Discours, langue et changement social, EHESS, organised by Luca Greco, Juliette Rennes, Emmanuel Szurek, 18 March 2016.
— Costa, J. (2015). "Sociolinguistique, anthropologie linguistique: Réflexions à partir de la notion d'idéologies". Séminaire Sociologie des pratiques langagières, organised par Johannes Angermuller, Josiane Boutet and Marc Glady, 11 December 2015.
— Costa, J. (2015). "Comment étudier un contexte de langue minoritaire?" Séminaire Anthropologie du langage, EHESS, organised by Cécile Canut, 9 December 2015.
— Costa, J. (2015). "Régimes linguistiques et idéologies en Ecosse", Séminaire mensuel du Sedyl, Villejuif, organised by Isabelle Léglise and Valélia Muni Toke, 16 October 2015.
— Costa, J. (2015). "Doing language in 21st century Shetland: Standardization, diversity and the islands' future", Soillse Seminar, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, 5 May 2015.
— Costa, J. (2014). "Language Revitalization: What is it? What is it about?", California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), 16 April 2014.
— Costa, J. (2014). "The Shetland Standardisation debate: Nornomania, Nornophobia and the Shetland dialect", California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), 17 April 2014.
— Costa, J. (2014). "Se necesita un estándar lingüístico? La problemàtica del escocés en Escocia", Encuentro Académico de Educación y Normalización de Lenguas Indígenas, UNAM, Mexico City, 3 April 2014.
— Costa, J. (2013). « Revitalisation linguistique : mouvements militants en conflit ». Language policy seminar, Université de Moncton, Moncton, Canada, 9 October 2013.

Conference presentations
— Brennan S. & Costa J. (2016). "Regimenting language on the margins. Doing Language in Western Ireland and Shetlan". COST Whole Action conference, New Speakers in a multilingual Europe, University of Hamburg, 12-14 May 2016.
— Costa J. (2015). "Introduction: Regimes of Language and the Social, Hierarchized Organization of Ideologies in Scoland". American Anthropological Association annual meeting, Denver, 16-20 November 2015.
— Costa, J. (2015). "Authenticité, autorité et légitimité linguistique dans aux Shetland". Congrès du Réseau Francophone de Sociolinguistique, Université de Grenoble, France, 10-12 June 2015.
— Costa, J. (2015). "Is language revitalization really about saving languages?". Chicago Linguistics Society 51st Annual Meeting, University of Chicago, 23-25 April 2015.
— Costa, J. (2015). "Legitimate diversity in Scotland: "doing language" in the early 21st century". Georgetown University Round Table in Linguistics (GURT), Georgetown University, Washington D.C., USA, 13-15 March 2015.
— Costa, J. & Jaffe, A. (2014). "Scaling place in a placeless space: Discussing Corsican and Shetlandic online". American Anthropological Association (AAA) Meeting, Washington DC, USA, 3-7 December 2014.
— Brennan, S, & Costa, J. (2014). "New speakerness under conditions of crisis: New speakers in the workplace in Ireland and Shetland". Second International Symposium on New Speakers in Multilingual Europe: Opportunities and Challenges, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Barcelona, 20-22 November 2014.

Panels organised
— Costa, J. & Del Percio, A. (2016). "Language and Governmentality". Second Whole Action Conference on New Speakers, COST Action IS 1306, University of Hamburg, Allemagne, 12-14 May 2015.
— Costa, J. & Connor, J. (2015). "Language regimentation and the social, hierarchized organization of ideologies", American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Denver, 18-22 December 2015.
— Costa, J. & Etrillard, A. (2015). "Dépopulation d'espaces périphériques et transfert de la légitimité linguistique", Réseau Francophone de Sociolinguistique Congress, University of Grenoble, France, 10-12 June 2015.
— Costa, J. & Lane, P. (2015). "Standardizing language in the global periphery: Why that now?", colloque "The sociolinguistics of globalization: (de)centering and (de)standardization", University of Hong Kong, 3-6 June 2015.
— Costa, J. & Jaffe, A. (2014). "Language, place and the disruption of personal and collective experience", American Anthropological Association (AAA) annual meeting, Washington DC, USA, December 2014.
— Costa, J. (August 2014), "The 2014 Scottish Referendum on Independence and the Language Question", "If Scotland" Conference, University of Stirling, 23-24 August 2014.


— Costa, J. (2016). Revitalising Language in Provence: A Critical Approach. Oxford: Blackwell & Philological Society.

Book or Magazine edition

— Costa J. & Connor J. E. (eds), 2019, Problematizing Language Regimes (Langage & Communication. An Interdisciplinary Journal, vol. 66, May 2019), Amsterdam: Elsevier, 72 p. (presented here)
— Lane, P., Costa, J., & De Korne, H. (Eds.). (2017). Standardizing Minority Languages: Competing Ideologies of Authority and Authenticity in the Global Periphery. London: Routledge. [open access]

Articles in scientific journals
— Costa, J. (2019), Introduction: Regimes of language and the social, hierarchized organization of ideologies, Langage & Communication 66 ("Problematizing Language Regimes", J. Costa & J.E. Connor eds): 1-5.
— Costa, J. (2017). Faut-il se débarrasser des "idéologies linguistiques" ? Langage & Société, 160–161, 111–127.
— Brennan, S. C., & Costa, J. (2016). The Indexical Reordering of Language in Times of Crisis: Nation, Region, and the Rebranding of Place in Shetland and Western Ireland. Signs & Society, 4(S1), 106–137. [open access]
— Costa, J. (2015). New Speakers, New Language: On Being a Legitimate Speaker of a Minority Language in Provence. International Journal of the Sociology of Language, 231, 127–145. [open access]
— Costa, J. (2015). Can schools dispense with standard language? Some unintended consequences of introducing Scots in a Scottish primary school. Journal of Linguistic Anthropology, 25(1), 25–42.
— Costa, J. (2013). Language Endangerment and Revitalisation as Elements of Regimes of Truth: Shifting Terminology to Shift Perspective. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, 34(4), 317–331.
— Costa, J. (2013). Enjeux sociaux de la revitalisation linguistique. introduction. Langage & Société, 145, 7–14.
— Costa, J. (2013). Sauver la langue? Deux siècles de renaissantismes linguistiques en Provence. Langage & Société, 145, 15–34.
— Costa, J. (2012). De l'hygiène verbale dans le sud de la France ou Occitanie. Lengas, 72, 83–112. [open access]
— Costa, J. (2010). Language, ideologies, and the "Scottish voice." International Journal of Scottish Literature, 7.
— Costa, J. (2009). Language History as Charter Myth? Scots and the (Re)invention of Scotland. Scottish Language, 28, 1–25.

Chapters in edited volumes
— Costa, J. (2017). On the Pros and Cons of Standardizing Scots: Notes from the North of a Small Island. In P. Lane, J. Costa, & H. De Korne (Eds.), Standardizing Minority Languages: Competing Ideologies of Authority and Authenticity in the Global Periphery (pp. 47–65). London: Routledge.
— Costa, J., De Korne, H., & Lane, P. (2017). Introduction. Standardising Minority Languages: Reinventing peripheral languages in the 21st century? In P. Lane, J. Costa, & H. De Korne (Eds.), Standardizing Minority Languages: Competing Ideologies of Authority and Authenticity in the Global Periphery (pp. 1–23). London: Routledge.
— Bichurina, N., & Costa, J. (2016). Nommer pour faire exister : l'épineuse question de l'oc. In J.-M. Eloy (Ed.), Le nom des langues IV : Nommer des langues romanes (pp. 184–201). Louvain-la-Neuve: Peeters.
— Costa, J. (2016). Seissanta ans de sociolingüistica occitana a la periferia: quin avenir per la disciplina? In C. Alén Garabato (Ed.), Rencontres en sciences du langage et de la communication. Paris: L'Harmattan.
— Bert, M., & Costa, J. (2014). What Counts as a Linguistic Border, for Whom, and with what Implications? Exploring Occitan and Francoprovençal in Rhône-Alpes, France. In C. Llamas & D. Watt (Eds.), Language, Borders and Identity (pp. 186–205). Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.
— Costa, J. (2014). Must we save the language? Children's discourse on language and community in Provençal and Scottish language revitalisation movements. In P. K. Austin & J. Sallabank (Eds.), Endangered Languages: Beliefs and Ideologies in Language Documentation and Revitalisation (Vol. 199, pp. 195–214). Oxford: Oxford University Press / British Academy.
— Costa, J., & Gasquet-Cyrus, M. (2013). What Is Language Revitalisation really About? Competing Language Revitalisation Movements in Provence. In M. C. Jones & S. Ogilvie (Eds.), Keeping Languages Alive (pp. 212–224). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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