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Alexis MICHAUD 米可

Lacito Director  contact
CNRS researcher (Chargé de recherche)

Detailed CV (in pdf)

Research topics Phonetics/phonology and typology. (Approach: panchronic phonology, combining synchrony and diachrony.)
Sino-Tibetan (especially Naxi) and Austroasiatic (especially Vietnamese).
Ongoing research projects

Research operations at the LACITO research centre:
Langues de la zone tibéto-birmane / Tibeto-Burman languages

Programmes of the "Empirical Foundations of Linguistics" Labex (2011-2019):
• Evolutionary approaches to phonology: New goals and new methods (in diachrony and panchrony) (responsable de l'opération de 2017 à 2019)
• The typology and corpus annotation of information structure and grammatical relations

Research programme funded by ANR:
HimalCo (Himalayan Corpora) (2013-2015)

Keywords phonetics - phonology - typology - Sino-Tibetan - Austroasiatic - panchronic phonology - experimental phonetics - language documentation - morpho-phonology - oral tradition

Laze - Na - Naxi - Vietnamese

Recent publications

— 2018. Michaud, Alexis, Oliver Adams, Trevor Cohn, Graham Neubig & Séverine Guillaume. "Integrating automatic transcription into the language documentation workflow: experiments with Na data and the Persephone toolkit". Language Documentation and Conservation 12. 393–429.
— 2018. Adams, Oliver, Trevor Cohn, Graham Neubig, Hilaria Cruz, Steven Bird & Alexis Michaud. 2018. "Evaluating phonemic transcription of low-resource tonal languages for language documentation".
— 2017, Tone in Yongning Na: lexical tones and morphotonology -- Berlin: Language Science Press (Studies in Diversity Linguistics 13), 2017.- 573 p. (here)
— 2015. Phrasing, prominence, and morphotonology: How utterances are divided into tone groups in Yongning Na. Bulletin of Chinese Linguistics (8). 112–152. 
— 2015. Michaud, Alexis, Michel Ferlus & Minh-Châu Nguyễn. Strata of standardization: the Phong Nha dialect of Vietnamese (Quảng Bình Province) in historical perspective. Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area 38(1). 124–162. 
— 2015. Michaud, Alexis & Jacqueline Vaissière. Tone and intonation: introductory notes and practical recommendations. KALIPHO - Kieler Arbeiten zur Linguistik und Phonetik 3. 43–80. 
— 2015. Niebuhr, Oliver & Alexis Michaud. 2015. Speech data acquisition: the underestimated challenge. KALIPHO - Kieler Arbeiten zur Linguistik und Phonetik 3. 1–42. 
— 2015. Michaud, Alexis, Minh Châu Nguyễn & Jacqueline Vaissière. 2015. Phonetic insights into a simple level-tone system: "careful" vs. "impatient" realizations of Naxi High, Mid and Low tones. Proceedings of ICPhS XVIII (18th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences). Glasgow. 
— 2011, Jacques Guillaume, Michaud Alexis, Approaching the historical phonology of three highly eroded Sino-Tibetan languages: Naxi, Na and Laze, Diachronica 28(4) : 468-498.

a Publications in the LACITO database (or acces to the full set in the preprint archive HAL or on Academia.edu)

Commented photos ("Images du LACITO")
Image du bandeau
(droits de reproduction)
Plaine de Yongning ; en arrière-plan, le mont Gemu (municipalité de Lijiang, comté de Yongning, préfecture de Ninglang, Yunnan, Chine).
Cliché © Alexis Michaud (CNRS-LACITO, automne 2006)

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