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PhD student at Freie Universität Berlin and Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris III contact
"Prosody in language contact between French and Vietnamese" (International co-supervision: Judith Meinschaefer and Alexis Michaud)



Scientific assistant of Prof. Judith Meinschaefer at the Institute of Romance Philology Teaching experience:
• Foundation course in French Linguistics
• French Phonetics and Phonology
• French Loanwords
• French Syntax

Research topics The aim of this project is to examine the principles of language contact between French and Vietnamese. The focus is on the prosody, phonology, and phonetics of both languages: Which mechanisms of prosodic language contact can be determined from the case study of a tonal language, Vietnamese, and French, a non-tonal language? We work with a corpus of loanwords as well as with oral data, collected during two field research trips to Vietnam (2019) and France (2020). The results can not only provide information about universal principles of language contact, but also be used to teach French to speakers of Vietnamese and Vietnamese to speakers of French.

Research projects

LACITO research programs:

Keywords prosody - phonology - phonetics - loanwords - borrowings - foreign language acquisition - language contact

French - Vietnamese


• 2010-2014: Bachelor in French Philology and Italian (FU Berlin)
• 2012-13: Erasmus scholarship, courses at Laboratoire Parole et Language as well as in Vietnamese studies (Aix-en-Provence)
• 2014-2017: Master in Linguistics

Conference presentations

— 2019: Điệu Tính và âm vị học trong sự tiếp xúc ngôn ngữ Việt/Pháp. Từ vay mượn Pháp và nghiên cứu thực địa tại Việt Nam. Xêmina khoa văn học, báo chí vả ngôn ngữ học. Trường ̣Đại Học Thái Nguyên (1/10/19)
— 2019: Syllabification of French Loans into Vietnamese: An optimality-theoretic account. ICAAL 8. 8th International Conference on Austro-Asiatic Linguistics. Chiang Mai University (29/08/19).
— 2019: Điệu Tính trong sự tiếp xúc ngôn ngữ Việt/Pháp. Đông Á: những vấn đề nghiên cứu và giáo dục Ngữ văn. Trường ĐHSP TP. HCM. Ho Chi Minh City (03/08/19).
— 2017: With Judith Meinschaefer. Integration of French loanwords into Vietnamese. A corpus-based analysis of tonal, syllabic and segmental aspects. ICAAL 7. 7th International Conference on Austro-Asiatic Linguistics. CAU Kiel (01/10/17).
— 2017: French loans in Vietnamese: The integration of consonant clusters. A corpus-based analysis in the framework of Optimality Theory. Satellitenevent JuPiD der P&P 13. Phonetik und Phonologie im deutssprachigen Raum. ZAS Berlin (27/09/17)

— 2016, Tonal Processes in Vietnamese: The falling tone huyền in bisyllabic units. Aix Summer School on Prosody 2016 (09/09/16).

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— Scholvin, V., & Meinschaefer, J. (2018). The integration of French loanwords into Vietnamese: A corpus-based analysis of tonal, syllabic and segmental aspects. In H. Ring & F. Rau (Eds.), Papers from the 7th International Conference on Austroasiatic Linguistics, JSEALS Special Publication No 3 (pp. 157–173). Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press.

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