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Sebastian Fedden, Jenny Audring, and Greville G. Corbett (eds)

Non-Canonical Gender Systems


Grammatical gender is famously the most puzzling of the grammatical categories. Despite our solid knowledge about the typology of gender systems, exciting and unexpected patterns keep turning up which defy easy classification and straightforward analysis. Some of these question, stretch, or even threaten to cross the outer boundaries of the category. These regions are largely unexplored, yet are essential for our understanding of gender, besides being interesting in their own right. The purpose of this book is to explore the outer boundaries of the category of gender and discuss their theoretical significance. Canonical Typology, a cutting-edge approach already successfully applied to a range of linguistic phenomena, provides the ideal framework for this endeavour. In this approach, a linguistic phenomenon—for example, a morphosyntactic feature like gender—is established in terms of a canonical ideal: the clearest instance of the phenomenon. The canonical ideal is a clustering of properties that serves as a baseline from which to measure the actual examples that are found. This approach allows us to analyse any gender system and determine for each of its component properties whether it is more or less canonical. The languages discussed in this volume all diverge from the canonical ideal in interesting ways. Each language is assessed by international experts, who approach their work from a typological perspective. The book explores a wide range of typologically different languages drawn from all over the world, from South America to Melanesia, from an Italo-Romance dialect of Central Italy to Mawng of Northern Australia.


Table of contents/Table des matières

  • Introduction Jenny Audring and Sebastian Fedden
  • New approaches to the typology of gender Greville G. Corbett and Sebastian Fedden
  • North Ambrym possessive classifiers from the perspective of canonical gender Michael Franjieh
  • The rise of gender in Nalca (Mek, Tanah Papua) Bernhard Wälchli
  • Beyond the classifier/gender dichotomy Ruth Singer
  • Non-canonical gender in Mopan Maya Ellen Contini–Morava and Eve Danziger
  • Overt gender marking depending on syntactic context in Ripano Tania Paciaroni and Michele Loporcaro
  • Non-canonical gender in African languages Francesca Di Garbo and Yvonne Agbetsoamedo
  • A typology of languages with genderlects and grammatical gender Françoise Rose


Fedden Sebastian, Audring Jenny & Corbett Greville G. (eds), 2018, Non-canonical gender systems, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 304 p. (DOI)

Publié en mai 2018.

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