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M.M. Jocelyne Fernandez-Vest & Robert D. Van Valin, Jr. (eds)

mmjfvInformation Structuring of Spoken Language
from a Cross-linguistic Perspective


Information structure and the organization of oral texts have been rarely studied crosslinguistically. This book contains studies of the grammatical organization of information in languages from different areas (e.g. Amazonian, Finno-Ugric, South-Asian) from a variety of theoretical angles. It will be a valuable resource for researchers investigating the interaction of morphosyntax and discourse in familiar and less familiar languages.



  • Introduction, Fernandez-Vest, M.M.Jocelyne / Valin, Robert D. Van (1-4)

I. Theoretical Approaches to IS

  • 1. Detachment Linguistics and Information Grammar of Oral Languages, Fernandez-Vest, M.M.Jocelyne (7-32)
  • 2. Reference and Cognitive Status: Scalar Inference and Typology, Gundel, Jeanette K. / Hedberg, Nancy (33-54)
  • 3. Saliency in discourse and sentence form: Zero anaphora and topicalization in Japanese, Shimojo, Mitsuaki (55-76)
  • 4. An Overview of Information Structure in three Amazonian Languages, Van Valin, Robert D. (77-92)

II. IS and Spoken language

  • 5. Micro-variation in information structure: There sentences in Italo-Romance, Bentley, Delia / Ciconte, Francesco Maria / Cruschina, Silvio / Ramsammy, Michael (95-120)
  • 6. How does adjacency arise? Grammatical conditions on focus-verb adjacency in Basque, Etxepare, Ricardo (121-148)
  • 7. Detached NPs with relative clauses in Finnish conversations, Laury, Ritva / Helasvuo, Marja-Liisa (149-166)
  • 8. Tag questions and focus markers: Evidence from the Tompo dialect of Even, Matić, Dejan (167-190)
  • 9. Syntactic and Prosodic Marking of Contrastiveness in Spoken Chinese, Pan, Victor Junnan (191-210)
  • 10. Demonstratives and Information Structure in Spoken Estonian, Sahkai, Heete (211-236)

III. IS and Discourse Particles

  • 11. Word order and focus particles in Nakh-Daghestanian languages, Forker, Diana / Belyaev, Oleg (239-262)
  • 12. The discourse particle to and word ordering in Hindi: From grammar to discourse, Montaut, Annie (263-282)

IV. IS and Language Contacts

  • 13. Discourse Regulating Strategies in Pidgin Madam, Bizri, Fida (285-304)
  • 14. New Information Structuring Processes and Morphosyntactic Change, Slomanson, Peter (305-326)
  • Name index (327-331)
  • Language index (332-334)


Fernandez-Vest, M.M.Jocelyne & Van Valin, Robert D. (2015), Information Structuring of Spoken Language from a Cross-linguistic Perspective, Berlin & Boston: De Gruyter Mouton (Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs [TiLSM] 283), 333 p.

Paru début mars 2016

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