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Alexandre François, Sébastien Lacrampe, Michael Franjieh, Stefan Schnell (eds)

languages-vanuatuThe languages of Vanuatu: Unity and diversity


With an estimated 138 different indigenous languages, Vanuatu is the country with the highest linguistic density in the world. While they all belong to the Oceanic family, these languages have evolved in three millennia, from what was once a unified dialect network, to the mosaic of different languages that we know today. In this respect, Vanuatu constitutes a valuable laboratory for exploring the ways in which linguistic diversity can emerge out of former unity. This volume represents the first collective book dedicated solely to the languages of this archipelago, and to the various forms taken by their diversity. Its ten chapters cover a wide range of topics, including verbal aspect, valency, possessive structures, numerals, space systems, oral history and narratives. The languages of Vanuatu: Unity and Diversity provides new insights onto the many facets of Vanuatu's rich linguistic landscape.



  1. Alexandre François, Michael Franjieh, Sébastien Lacrampe, Stefan Schnell – The exceptional linguistic density of Vanuatu
  2. Elizabeth Pearce – Completing and terminating: On aspect marking in Unua
  3. Peter Budd – Move the ka: Valency and Instrumental shift in Bierebo
  4. Benjamin TouatiThe initial vowel copy in the Sakao dialect of Wanohe (Espiritu Santo)
  5. Michael Franjieh – The construct suffix in North Ambrym
  6. Murray Garde – Numerals in Sa
  7. Alexandre FrançoisThe ins and outs of up and down: Disentangling the nine geocentric space systems of Torres and Banks languages
  8. Cynthia Schneider & Andrew Gray – Is it worth documenting "just a dialect"? Making the case for Suru Kavian (Pentecost Island)
  9. Dorothy Jauncey – Not just stories: The rules and roles of oral narratives in Tamambo
  10. Nick Thieberger – Walking to Erro: Stories of travel, origins, or affection

FRANÇOIS Alexandre, LACRAMPE Sébastien, FRANJIEH Michael, SCHNELL Stefan (eds), 2015, The languages of Vanuatu: Unity and diversity. Studies in the Languages of Island Melanesia, 5. Canberra: Asia-Pacific Linguistics. ISBN: 9781922185235..

Paru début septembre 2015
a-noterPublié électroniquement, ce livre est distribué en libre accès sur cette page. / This e-book is released in Open access on this page.

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