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Élisabeth Motte-Florac & Gladys Guarisma (editors)

Du terrain au cognitif – Linguistique, ethnolinguistique, ethnosciences – À Jacqueline M.C. Thomas
[From fieldwork to cognition – Linguistics, ethnolinguistics, ethnosciences
For Jacqueline M.C. Thomas]

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French presentation translated in English:
[Jacqueline M.C. Thomas, ethnolinguist and founder of the LACITO, has untiringly worked to establish the importance of not separating a language from the community speaking it. "Linguistic studies are meaningless unless they are based on very sound knowledge of the culture in which the languages are spoken". She further insists that "to study a society means to perfectly master the language(s) it speaks".

Based on examples garnered from across the globe, this Festschrift testifies to the multiplicity of ways in which the complexities of language and discourse can be broached, as well as to the fact that the combination between field work and analyses breaks down the barriers between the various disciplines (linguistics, ethnology, musicology, life sciences, medicine, etc.) to better understand languages and to explore societies and their cultures

The book is accompanied by a CD-Rom illustrating the possibilities that recent technologies offer field linguists; digital recordings, transcriptions, texts, photographs, videos... can all be archived, processed, and disseminated through a single medium. ]

Editor : Peeters, coll. Numéros Spéciaux 30, SELAF 417, 735 p.
Published in December 2004

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