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François Jacquesson (ed.)

stuf65-1STUF - Language Typologie and Universals 65(1)
"Linguistic geography"



  • François Jacquesson, Préface

  • Claudine Chamoreau, Dialectology, typology, diachrony, and contact linguistics: a multi-layered perspective in Purepecha

  • Catherine Taine-Cheikh, On the usefulness and limits of a geographic perspective in dialectology: Arabic and Berber examples

  • Denis Costaouec, Linguistic geography of Breton and sociocultural motivations

  • François Jacquesson, A room for one's words

  • Jean Léo Léonard, Vittorio Dell'Aquila & Antonella Gaillard-Corvaglia, The ALMaz (Atlas Lingüístico Mazateco): from geolinguistic data processing to typological traits

  • Daniel Le Bris & Daniel Le Bris, Surnames and geolinguistics in Brittany: a study of concordances

[The beginning of the Preface]

   This collection of papers results from an International Conference on Linguistic Geography held in Paris in January 28th and 29th, 2011. The Conference was organized both by the CNRS Lacito Research Unit in France, and by the Linguistic Research Team in the University of Bremen in Germany. Several colleages from other countries were able to participate as well.
   Our aim was to compare various approchaes to linguistic diversity, when the principal purpose is not the reconstruction of proto-languages. Not that we were hostile to historical linguistics -not at all- but we were curious to see how contributions would develop when we escape the now ubiquitous alternative between historical and typological linguistics.
   Another purpose was to draw public attention to the numerous Linguistic Atlases that are now available, and which provide not only linguistic data but numerous insights on the subtle links between space, time and speaker's societies. Some of the very interesting talks describing Linguistic Atlases could be shaped into standard contributions. […]

Jacquesson François (ed.), 2012, Linguistic geography, STUF - Language Typologie and Universals 65(1), München, Akademie Verlag, p. 3-109.

Paru fin mars 2012

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